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    As it turned out, there is a lot of work in Poland now. Plus, there are very friendly people there and, most importantly, a convenient visa system. And everything is fine with taxes. I have now started looking for a job in Poland. Advise resources where I can see good vacancies in Poland.

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    Here it depends on what kind of work you are looking for and what kind of education and specialty you have. Many of my acquaintances work in Poland mainly, however, in hard work, those who do not have a demanded specialty. And the announcements of vacancies I think that you can look on the Internet on special sites.

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    Now really, very many go to work in Poland, my friend left last year, and found work through his friend. If you are looking for a job specifically in your specialty, then you can look for ads. Just specify all the conditions of salary, accommodation, etc.

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    Poland offers a thriving job market with friendly people, a convenient visa system, and favorable tax conditions. To find job opportunities, utilize popular job portals like Pracuj.pl, Indeed.pl, and GoldenLine.pl. Additionally, create a LinkedIn profile and engage with the professional community. Explore company websites for direct listings and consider contacting recruitment agencies specializing in international placements.

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    Thanks for the tips!

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    thanks / it is very interesting for me too

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    There really is a lot of work in Poland. Basically, of course, working specialties are required, but if you have a qualification, you will find a higher paid job. Ads can be viewed on special sites, but at my leisure I listen to music, I find my favorite songs here https://tinytunes.app/ you can also download the application small android melodies or the music that you like, because you can also rest when then it is necessary.

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    You can work everywhere, if only there is a desire. Many of my friends work in Poland, some have been working for a long time. You can get a job. But you need to rest, it is correctly noticed. A very good site was prompted with small melodies.

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    I would recommend starting from here: Jobs in Poland

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    You can look for Government authorised job portals for the Poland market. I guess they have the best job postings. Highly verified and demanding jobs. I have been searching for a writer job in the technical documentation services domain, to use my technical skills. I will share the URL for your reference here.

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