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    I have my own beauty salon and the masters complain that low-quality eyelash extensions come and that some clients even have eyelid allergies. Namely, you need to buy a better quality shampoo for eyelashes. Advise suppliers where to buy high-quality shampoo for eyelashes.

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    Look for local professional beauty supply stores that cater to salons and beauty professionals. These stores often carry a wide range of eyelash products, including shampoos specifically designed for eyelash extensions. Visit or contact these stores to inquire about their product offerings and choose a reputable brand.

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    If you have your own beauty salon, then you need to find reliable suppliers of quality goods necessary for the eyelash extension procedure. And the eyelashes themselves should be of excellent quality, and everything you need too. It is better to buy several types of shampoos and so that they are branded, they will be expensive, but you should not save in such things.

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    If the eyelash shampoo contains harmful oils, they can very much dry out the skin and the eyelashes themselves can become brittle. I offer you the perfect option eyelash shampoo https://stacylash.com/collections/eyelash-extensions-shampoo which is chosen even by professional craftsmen. Shampoo only from the highest quality components that do not harm the eyelashes as well as the skin of the eyelids.

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    Yes, maybe you are simply supplied with poor -quality materials for building. It is necessary to ache for such procedures as eyelash extensions only all expensive and natural. And shampoos should only be well -known manufacturers, branded and hypoallergenic.

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