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    I already know I’m going to take flack for adding weight to the car, but it does make a difference.

    I realized very early on that the CR-Z is in need of some sound deadening, so I decided to start with the doors.

    Removing the door interior was a bit of an annoying problem on the first door. The second removal was fairly simple to do, which means, read the “”door card”” DIY that Hoi made.

    With the card removed you end up with the weather guard. I highly recommend wearing gloves and short sleeves when doing this because it is a mess! This car is the first car I have ever owned that originated in Japan. I have removed a lot of weather liners in my day, and the CR-Z has just about the nastiest butyl adhesive that I have ever come across. Think…almost toothpaste consistency, so be careful.

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    Don’t forget to also pay attention to the rules and laws in your area regarding exhaust system modifications to make sure you’re in compliance. Good luck improving the sound and comfort of your car!

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