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    What are the types of e-commerce applications? Hi, there are actually quite a few, I in turn can highlight four of them, they are finance , online stores, online booking, online publishers, these are the main and most important types of e-commerce applications, to know more about them, I suggest you to refer to this website.

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    How do I know if this company will help me? Isn’t it easier to do something simple, ask someone to freelance, and then fix what’s there?

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    Fixing is always more expensive than doing. Haven’t you thought of working with professionals in order to come up with something good? I can tell you there are many great specialists in this field, and it’s not that hard to discover a game art outsource company to help you develop a good project, so I think you should at least consider working with them.

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    And who can advise me a good specialist in the development of a fitness application for a mobile phone?

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    When I needed to make a mobile application for my business, I contacted this company https://scand.com/company/blog/next-js-vs-react/ . It was recommended to me by a good friend who, by the nature of his work, often cooperates with them. I was very pleased with the work, so I advise you to contact them if you want to have a cool application.

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    Hey guys! Could you please tell me how I can develop my own video streaming website? Thanks in advance 🙂

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    In fact, I am amazed by your ambition, because not every person would risk to create a video streaming service, given that the competition in this niche is really huge. Well, I will try to help you. For me, you should take a look at this guide on how to create a video streaming website.
    In it, real professionals will explain you in detail how to create a video streaming website.
    I hope my answer will help you!

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    Does anybody know where it’s possible to find instagram apis? I really need that in order to get good development. Thanks in advance.

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    Everyone understands that problems like this happen to many people, so I’m willing to help with this. By the way, I have problems developing my mobile application and configuration software. A friend of the programmer told me about this instagram apis where there’s software development company that helped me learn more about a service that help to get social media development. You can also check this out.

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