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    My wife decided to start her own commercial dryer business. But as soon as she announced that, we got a recommendation not to do this because safety inspectors will torture her to death with safety checks. What the hell is that?

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    That was a figure of speech, don’t worry. But as you know, in Canada all service businesses are under the hard pressure from various controllers. You should observe sanitary rules, fire safety etc.

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    Even though it is a tough business, it’s lucrative, so don’t you try to dissuade them from running it. For instance, they can study all the regulations they will need to observe. And do commercial dryer vent cleaning https://dryerventcleaningtoday.ca/commercial/ on time. That will help all the vents stay clean and safe from fire risks. Besides it will increase the running capacity and longevity of their equipment.

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    interesting information

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    It’s much easier than doing it yourself, trust me

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