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    1. Grammatical and punctuation errors. Errors in the text will cross out the candidate’s entire work – because they indicate, at the very least, that he or she has not even checked his or her own work.

    2. logical errors. Arguments should prove the author’s thesis, not refute it. Moreover, they should not prove another thesis.

    3. Repetition of thought. It is not worth repeating the same idea twice, even if in different words. The exception is a restated thesis in the 99papers reviews.

    4. Plagiarism. Plagiarism is copying someone else’s work without citations or references to the author, which will lead to disqualification of the work and ruin the candidate’s image.

    5. Flow of thoughts and philosophizing about life. Yes, an essay is free-form reasoning, but it has structure and is based on specifics: facts, examples, data, not abstract reflections.

    6. Use of inappropriate vocabulary. An essay for a job application must be in a business style: the use of jargon and foul language is prohibited.

    7. Inclusion of personal information in the essay. Information about age, gender, diseases, marital status may affect the objectivity of the employer’s evaluation of the candidate, so it is better not to touch it.

    8. Inattentive checking of the work. It is not enough to check only the spelling and punctuation. Reread your own essay and make sure that it does not contain unfortunate turns, ambiguous expressions.

    9. Insufficient details, long and tedious introductions. An inherently interesting essay can lose out on the fact that it lists statements that are not supported by examples.

    10. Not full disclosure of the topic.

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