Discussion Forum Leica M System M Monochrom How will the M Monochrom fit in with the rest of your gear?
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    Kirsten VignesAvatar photo

    With the release of the M Monochrom, how do you see it fitting in with the rest of your gear?

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    The M-M will become my main camera, my M9 will supplement it for family, landscape and such. I does mean I can semi-retire my M7, for use with special projects. The M-M does not replace Tri-X, but it sure can make my stock of film last i long time.

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    It will fit in the same field case as the M9, one for color the other for monochrome.

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    when the MM fullfills what I hope, then it will be a second body for traveling and for nude art photos.

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    John Buckley

    The MM will become a specialty camera, a project camera, but it will be joined in the bag by its M9 cousin (and hopefully by its M10 cousin.) I can’t wait to get my Monochrom, but in a given year, I expect it will get less than 50 percent of my attention. Love color too much. JB

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