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Had a weekend free of wedding work, so we all took off on a 4 day road trip to N. Michigan for a bit of fun in the Traverse City area … including some tastings in the wine region, and a few fishing villages along the “Big sea shining water” for wonderful smoked fish and photo ops.

Our little Chi “Schnuffy” has a real fondness for Ice Cream, but only allowed on vacation … her pal Ginger with the pink nose took a liking to it too … blonds DO have more fun, LOL! The girl working on her computer seemed oblivious to the natural beauty around her … maybe she needs a few weeks in an urban environment to remind her : -) Except for the fisherman cleaning his nets, these aren't my kind of photos … but hey! I'm on vacation! BTW, the Bumble Bee was shot with the 180, not the 120 macro.

Very contrasty scenarios most of the time, but the S2 handled it well for the most part.

Everything was great, but I discovered my S35/2.5 isn't stopping down at all. It autofocuses okay, just no stopped down shooting. All my other lenses work fine so it isn't the camera. Grrrrr. Gotta send it in pronto.


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