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    Here is a video review I did of how I use the 18746 bag to carry the X Vario camera. This bag was ostensibly designed for the smaller cameras to carry the camera and some accessories, but since the X Vario has a non-removable lens and it doesn’t take up all of the room available in the bag, this 18746 bag is ideal from my perspective for carrying the X Vario camera with a few accessories, particularly the extra batteries.


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    Jason Holiday

    where did you get this?

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    Jason Holiday;4992 wrote: where did you get this?

    Wow – it took me a bit to find it – B&H Photo, July 8th, $159.

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    This 18746 bag is now carrying the M Monochrom and Noctilux lens comfortably, although I have to fold the strap carefully to squeeze it in. Then the pouch in front holds microfiber cloth, extra SD cards, SD and microSD adapters, ballpoint pen, small papers etc.

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