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    I’ve done a similar comparison as this one recently, with a Leica ‘C’ image taken with auto-exposure (Program mode) and Auto-ISO, where the camera selected 1/4 second and ISO 1600. That image was underexposed enough that the noise almost literally ate the image. Here I reshot the high-ISO image at f8 and 1.3 seconds (Shutter Priority and ISO fixed at 1600), and the second image is 6 seconds at ISO 80. Although the second image is also underexposed, it’s not severe, so now I have a better comparison of noise levels and detail between ISO 80 and ISO 1600. The zoom focal length here is approx. 160 mm effective, which forces the aperture to greater than 5, however in the high-ISO image the camera selected f8 for the aperture. I could have reduced the aperture with full manual settings, but chose shutter priority instead.

    f8.0, 1.3 seconds, ISO 1600.

    f5.5, 6 seconds, ISO 80.

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