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    I am trying to import a RAW file from the Leica Fotos App into Lightroom CC on iOS. I click the LR Button in Leica Fotos… Lightroom CC opens… and then nothing happens… I can not see the photo in Lightroom… What am I doing wrong??

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    Hey, Florian the romantic hero, you seem to be so knowledgeable. Can you bother to help me then? I can’t convert mov video file on my Mac into mp4 and can’t upload it to youtube. Thanks, bro.

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    What made you think he was knowledgeable? He seems to have no clue how to use Mac. So maybe you can read https://setapp.com/ that I was using myself? I found a relevant article for you there. I cannot come to your place and help in person, but I hope this instruction will help. Let me know how it goes anyway.

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    Adobe Lightroom CC is a mobile application available for iOS devices. It is a powerful photo editing and organizing tool that allows users to edit and enhance their photos directly on their iPhones or iPads. With Lightroom CC on iOS, you can apply various adjustments, filters, and presets to your images, as well as manage and synchronize your photo library with the cloud-based Adobe Creative Cloud storage.

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