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    <p>Top Up NBA 2K20 VC Starting today fans can try "My Career" in advance by starting to create my PLAYER and testing the field two weeks earlier than the game's launch by downloading the NBA 2K20 demo for free.<br />
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    Well as you can verify directly at the bottom of the news the official NBA 2K20 Twitter account announced the debut of the latter on Playstation 4 Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The active players on the Sony and Microsoft home consoles and on the hybrid console of the Kyoto House now have the chance to test the new basketball simulator directly with their hands. The Demo is free and will allow you to try some features of the sports title.<br />
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    In addition 2K Games has released a new trailer for NBA 2K20 which unveils all the new features of My PLAYER this year.<br />
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    Although the Demo has not been made available on a PC buy Top Up NBA 2K20 VC NBA 2K20 is also expected on this platform. The PC version of the game will debut together with those for Playstation 4 Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on September 6th 2019. In closing we remind you that at the beginning of August basketball enthusiasts had the opportunity to learn more knowledge of the game: the development team made a rich NBA 2K20 gameplay trailer available. Thanks to the video it was possible to observe in action the team of athletes present in the new chapter of the sports series dedicated to basketball.<br />
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