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    See my review of the new Leica S3 here

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    Leica’s technology is so far behind the competition, they just ride along on their brand name. Today most advertising is shot on a 150mp Phase, or 100mp Hasselblad. Fuji compete’s with the 102mp and offers, eye-detection, Dual IBIS, Auto Focus Stacking, many real world features that make the shoot easier. After purchasing the SL2, I realized Leica released a camera that does not work to spec. Has a huge power issue. Will not burst shoot or record 4 k video at 3/4 full battery. The SL lenses are nice if you can get one that “ works” are riddled with stiff focus, load and grinding motors and Leica responds saying this is normal and High Quality. If they could at lease match Japanese tech and build quality they would do a lot better! Look at what happened with the failing S lenses!

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    Some interesting info on here, good to read and some cool shots, thanks.

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    I want to thank you this great idea! I love every bit of it.

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