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    Both with the 30mm.

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    What is the concept behind Figured Art and how does it differentiate itself from traditional painting by numbers? Where can I find a variety of Figured Art kits that offer unique and intricate designs, high-quality materials, and detailed instructions for a captivating artistic experience?

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    Figure art is a modern take on the traditional concept of painting by numbers. It goes beyond simple numbered sections to include intricate shapes and patterns, resulting in stunning layered works of art. Figured’Art sets offer a unique and immersive art experience, allowing people to create captivating paintings with a sense of depth and dimension. To find various figure art sets, you can visit the figure art website or online store as they specialize in providing a wide variety of designs. Their kits usually include high quality materials such as premium canvases, professional paints, and a detailed instruction manual to guide you throughout the creative process.

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