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    Jack MacD

    Well the snow finally fell yesterday. So I caught a few shots before the snow on branches melted away.

    This is a merge from 4 images with the S120mm then cut into the triptych.
    Proof only, not ready to print.

    Kurt, see what you are missing? Actually this winter there was not much of this.
    Next week transporting to Arizona.

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    Pete Walentin

    Nice. Really like the composition.

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    David K

    Well done Jack. Love the muted winter tonality. And the tree in the left panel works well as a standalone image too.

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    Mark Gowin

    You never cease to amaze me with your triptych vision. I like it.

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    Kurt Kamka

    Nice job, Jack! Look at those grey skies … they are so appropriate for the time of year. I’m very glad it’s been a manageable winter for the upper midwest this year … it figures that it’d be an easy winter the year that I’m away.

    You are becoming the master of triptychs. I really like how they force the viewer to consider the sum as well as the parts of a scene.

    Have fun in sunny Arizona. I’ll be waiting to see some Joshua Tree triptychs.

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