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    What do you think is more appropriate for casual Friday dress code in the office? Tee shirt or a formal shirt without tie and full suit? Share please.

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    I think you can wear both. Just change the style now and then. Let me show you my own collection of shirts. Very similar to what you see in this picture. You can change colors too.

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    But don’t you think that wearing the same style shirts every casual Friday will be boring? I would suggest you visit pretty nice t-shirts by Our Legacy and check out that beige rope weave T-shirt that you can see on a model. I think if you wear this once in a while, you will make a better impression.

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    I want to update my wardrobe and update my shoe collection. Can you recommend any stores or online stores that offer a wide selection of quality men’s clothing and shoes? I am particularly interested in casual and formal wear for different occasions. Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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