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    Hi, latest 3.x version, I get this error when I click on Sales in the admin area, any ideas?

    Notice: Undefined property: Proxy::deleteApiSessionBySessonId in /home/*/ocartdata/storage/modification/admin/controller/sale/order.php on line 79

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    Your configuration files are located in the folder “”C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config”” or “”C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenVPN\config

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    Perhaps you should restart your application and then you should succeed. You can also contact the application support to resolve this issue. If you still do not succeed and you get the same error, then perhaps you will be able to bypass it through a private proxy seller. This is a common practice of errors on various sites due to the fact that the user’s IP is blocked or restricted in any access. Therefore, people very often use various applications that allow them to solve this or either through a VPN. I don’t know exactly which way suits you, so I advise you to try everything and hope that you will succeed. Good luck!

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