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    <p>cheap World of Warcraft Classic Gold On the 6th of November the festivities kicked off to celebrate the 15th anniversary of World of Warcraft. On this occasion there is a small gift for the players new raids and a return to the Alterac Valley. You can attend the event until January 8th.<br />
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    Gift for the login: Who logs in during the event gets an anniversary gift by in-game post. This includes the pet Little Nefarian a holiday package for more experience and reputation for the duration of the event a fireworks display and an item that will teleport you to the Caves of Time. You can only use the latter during the event.<br />
    New Raids – Azeroth's Memories: You can relive some of the Burning Crusade Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm raids and fight three well-known bosses here. You will find it as your own wing in the raid browser. To start the confrontations you need at least item level 380. Who completes all three buy safe WOW Classic Gold gets the success "memories of fire ice and demons" and a black dragon mount called Obsidianworldbreaker.<br />
    Battlefield – The Old-ractal: In PvP-Mode you can play the battlefield Korrak's Revenge an old version of the Alterac Valley. Alliance players have the chance to get the Stormpike Battle Ram while Horden players get the Frostwolf Growler.<br />
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    The development of World of Warcraft continues. After the expansion Battle for Azeroth appeared in 2018 the developer Blizzard announced at Blizzcon 2019 the next addon called Shadowlands for 2020. Here the veil between the Azeroth and the Realm of the Dead is being destroyed and you have to deal with the consequences on the Continent of Shadowland.<br />
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    To help you play well with the game you are recommend to Buy Cheap WOW Classic Gold via WOWTT.COM we will always provide it with fast delivery 100% safe best price.</p>

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