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    Hi, does anyone know where I can get my new S2 Body insured (£16700)… as all the companies I have tried limit a single article to £15000. I am retired and do not profit from my Photography except for competitions if I'm lucky. I don't mind if I have to insure as a Professional.
    any help please. thanks

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    Hi Andy – I assume you have a household policy for your residence? If they have a value/item limit, perhaps a separate rider could be drawn up. Cars often are valued more, of course, and are put to risk at least as much, so there should be a solution.

    Good reminder for me to again discuss this with my household agent… As I recall previously there was a need for a listing with description, replacement value, serial number etc. I need to follow through on this, now with the S2!

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    I carry insurance offered through NANPA – expensive but full coverage

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    I have mine insured in Germany but that person does not offer for the UK. I found the insurance after I googled camera insurance. There are several insurance companies that offer special camera equipment insurance for items that are much more expensive than a S2 (Yes those do exist!).

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