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    David, do you know whther the sSchneider filters fit into the Lee holder? Thanks

  • Indeed, most of the time it's given as a distance from the front element but for the 70 it's different. I did not yet tri it for the S but did for the M, and it worked. I think performing addition tests is only useful, it t all, if there objects very near to the camera. In fact, i did many handheld landscape panos.

  • Actually, i think it's much easier. What one calls the nodal point is in fact the entry pupil. If you go on the leica wedsite you find for each S lens a data sheet which contains information on where the entry pupil is. For example, fo the 70 mm, it is at 26.7 cm from the bajonet.

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    Just got mine back–took less than a week from them to do the repair and they did not charge.

    BTW, at least in the EU, Leica arranged a free of charge pick up by DHL. I would email the S2 customer service address which you find on their website rather than the general customer service email.

    Good luck

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    Well, seems it's my turn. My sensor glass cracked after over2 years in use. And that while on vacation….

  • It was actually handeld. Grabbed it on the way to the car to walk the dog.

  • RVB: as I said in my earlier post, I was not able to detect a difference in sharpnes between the zoom and the 70 or 35.

    David, will do next week.

  • Here it is

    Attached files

  • I was very tempted by this lens because it covers a large range of what I shoot, in particular when traveling, and thus should reduce the need to change lenses. Last week, I received an offer that I could not refuse (demo lens from Leica that my dealer received), and yesterday and today I took the lens for a first test drive. Light was not great…[Read more]

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    Thanks for the heads-up. I would inform Leica customer service. Curious what they would say. I always thought that the reason why a certain voltage is required to strat the cleaning process is precisely to prevent these things from happening (I assume you did not clean the sensor for an unusually long time). May be it was / is a faulty…[Read more]

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    David Farkas;3829 wrote: The two new lenses were/are slated to be released in December. With the Holidays coming up, I'm assuming that means early January.

    Thanks David.

    Just wonder why the Holidays (i.e., Christmas–sorry but that's what it is) would delay it to January? The date of the Christmas was know when the anouncment was…[Read more]

  • Pete & David,

    Thanks for the respective posts. I hope to make it Cologne on Sunday. Anyway, I registered for the S booth. Really curious how many of the goodies can be implemented in the new S2 by firmware update.

    BTW, I was at a local Leica dealer today who still has an S2 and an S2-P in stock. He was not really amused by the S…[Read more]

  • Paratom;3141 wrote: 9000 Euro – wow . . . maybe I can live with just either 30 or 35

    That was my thought as well. This is a real bummer.

    In principle this lens covers a large portion of my needs, focus length wise. But I still could not give up the 70 and the 35, because I also like / want a fast lens.

    Anyway, decisions, decisions.

  • David K;2971 wrote: The girl in the red swimsuit is one of my favorite models and a regular member of my weekend boat crew.

    Any chance to join your boat crew? :D. Just kidding. Looks like you had a great day at the beach.

    I also like the B&W shot best. What lens was the done with?


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    Any suggestions for those without an iPhone? (I know I should feel ashamed but I don't own one and my iPad is WIFI only.)

  • GMB replied to the topic Geotagging with the S2? in the forum S2 10 years, 5 months ago

    Thanks for the helpful instruction. I looked up the Sony GPS CS3 at B&H and others but it seems that it is discontinued. Does anyone know what could be good alternatives?

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    Do you have the S2 or the S2P? I have the same issue with the leathrette on the card door.

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    I am planning to go as well. It's only 2h by train from Brussels for me :D. I have not decided when and probaly only will do so shortly before. If you guys set something up, I will try to make it. The weekend 22/23 should normally work. During the week depends on workload.


  • I intend to update over the weekend. Is there anything one needs to be aware of. The worst thing that I can imagine is that my catalogue of 30 k (not all S2 though) immages goes south or that the development settings are suddenly way off.



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