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    I bought a 50mm Summilux ASPH a few weeks ago from Tamarkin and it appeared that the rangefinder won’t focus at infinity, and the focusing scale is off by like a meter (measured against a tap measure). I sent it back to Tamarkin for them to test and they said that they tested on 5 of their cameras and it focus fine, even at infinity (They are reputable and I believe them). I got it back today. I was thinking that it might be my camera that needs RF adjustment, but my three other lens (LTM 50mm Summarit, 50mm cron col, and 40mm cron) didn’t have any issues with it. I was already itching to send my M3 for a CLA (Minor possible shutter issue) and I’m considering sending the Lux ASPH too. Just thought I ask, before I contact Don, in case there is any known issue with FLE lens and vintage M focusing cam or other common issues with this setup I’m not aware of.

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