Discussion Forum Leica M System Images to Share A glimpse into my Mannequin Series….
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    All Shot with Leica M9, 50mm F/0.95 Noctilux Lens

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    Jack MacD

    You don’t need any model releases do you?

    Post some more.

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    the last 3 where at Harrods in London.

    Thank you for your support Jack. I really appreciate it.

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    At times we can and do have a glimpse into instances that have not yet happened and though it can be a brief insight, the implications are amazing and astounding. Not everyone will have these little occurrences but they do happen for some. Intuition is such that you know something prior to it happening.

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    I hadn’t thought of Mannequins as a still-life subject, but these are fabulous, in a word. The next best that I’ve seen is in a youtube video — Pretty in Pink by Psychedelic Furs, “Berlin Mix” — the person who made the video photographed numerous customized dolls in a series of indoor and outdoor settings, and it has to be seen to appreciate the amount of work that went into it. Just incredible.

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    Thanks, Scott, really nice series. There is just something about manikins that fascinates, and may say something about the rest of us!

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    I’ll pick up the thread with some M8 (mostly) and M9 shots of interesting manikins… These are fullsize JPEGs.

    M8, 50 Heliar, Hawaii

    M8, 50 C-Sonnar, Seattle

    M8, 50 C-Sonnar, Seattle

    M8, 28 Summicron, Las Vegas

    M8, 50 C-Sonnar, Las Vegas

    M9, 1.8/75 Heliar, Hawaii

    M8, 50 Planar, Seattle

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