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    I ama a ver happy M user.I have bought nearly every lens in M line up including the newest ones like 28mm summilux.
    At the end i have cocluded with two lenses.24mm elmar and 50mm apo.They made me fill me like i am using medium format.But this weekend i had a chance to use my friends S 007 with some lenses and it blow me away ???
    I need to buy an S sytem ad soon as possible.
    I am shooting mostly travel,landscape and city scape and macro.(Macro is with d810 and Voigtlander 125mm Apo Lanthar.)
    I know the most used angle is more important but i am a pixel peeper and most of the time quality comes before usage.So if i say 120mm macro is must than what would be your two lens or max three lens set up for S when technical perfection is in mind?
    S is big and heavy for travel photography so do you think it is a bad move to sell M set up for S? But wait S is amazing ?
    (By the way sorry for my English☺️)

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    Welcome to Leica S desire! The 70mm is an obvious place to start, and a versatile choice, relatively economical too. I had the advantage of a large Pentax 67 system so I could use those lenses while I considered what other S lenses I might want to get. I ended up with the 35mm Summarit and later the 100 Summicron. For the infrequent macro/closeup use I am happy enough with the Pentax 100mm macro, so my situation may be quite different from yours. For a macro S lens, there’s just one choice, and it’s a good one. The other thing about acquiring S lenses is to consider whether you need the leaf shutter versions or not, as most are available either way. I advise scanning through this RedDot forum to find picture threads to give you an idea of the “look” of the various choices. Have fun!

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