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    Now there are many methods of writing software and applications. Well, which method is the most popular among developers? I’ve heard a lot about a framework called Node.js . Its developers consider it the most convenient and multifunctional. Where can I learn more about the Node.js framework?

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    The official Node.js website (nodejs.org) provides comprehensive documentation that covers various aspects of the framework, including installation, API references, tutorials, and examples. The documentation is regularly updated and is a valuable resource for understanding the core concepts and features of Node.js.

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    To be honest, I am far from programming and did not even hear anything about Node.js. If I don’t know something for work, then I turn to our system administrator, he helps me. And you probably need to contact a company that develops and install the necessary software.

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    Indeed, there are now a lot of methods of writing programs and applications, but it is important that experienced programmers perform such work. It is advisable for you to find a company that weakes using Node JS technology, including this company https://inoxoft.com/blog/10-node-js-advantages/ just provides software for the detection of software products, development, testing and integration software and many others.

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    I am a blonde, I don’t understand anything in programming either. I think that it is better for such issues to contact experienced specialists or find a company where the team works, which knows the Node JS platform. I think that everything you need both applications and programs, those that you need.

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