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    I am 99.5% happy with the M240. The only things I would change are –
    1: Black dot on the front rather than the red dot;
    2: Black command button & ring on the back at the upper right position.

    While I am very pleased with the performance & results that my M240 produces, the black on black finish and sapphire screen of the M-P has caused my eye to wander.

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    I am anxiously awaiting the release of the 28 Summilux – I have shot with a 28/2 ASPH for 10+ years and look forward to seeing this new wonder lens.

    The 28/2 currently sells for $4300 USD so I am expecting the 28/1.4 to sell for probably $6500 USD. 🙁

    Does anyone know what the thread (filter) size on the 28 Summilux is? I have looked at several online articles about the lens and cannot find that information…

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    Give Sherry Krauter a call: 845-496-8834.

    She is the best of the best. She has serviced my M cameras over the years and gives top notch service at reasonable prices with quick turnaround times.

    She has a website at but call her, as she has reliability issues with her email server.

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    GREAT colors! Nice image…

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