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    New to forum so apologies if this info is posted somewhere else (I did not find it). I’m based in Seattle and looking for a top notch repair shop to CLA an M3 that I purchased on ebay – known issues on shutter speeds > 1/4 second and the rangefinder is slightly off alignment vertically. It still has the L seal so I’d like a shop that can keep that intact.

    And is there anything I should do when sending a camera in for such repairs?


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    Hi Victor – I’m a bit out of date, but the two I’ve used over the years are:

    Camera Techs
    2034 NW Market St (Ballard)

    Photo-tronics Inc.
    513 Dexter Ave N.

    The M3 is a standard that most any competent repair tech should be able to CLA… After moving east of the mountains I used a small shop in Yakima, and he did excellent work on my M2. Until he retired and closed the shop… 🙁 Good luck!

    By the way, Camera Techs used to be located on Univ Way NE about 52nd, and after they moved out to Ballard, another tech worked out of their old shop… He scooped up some previous CT customers but I had terrible experience there.

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    U can visit around the city to Looking for top notch Leica repair shop.

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    Give Sherry Krauter a call: 845-496-8834.

    She is the best of the best. She has serviced my M cameras over the years and gives top notch service at reasonable prices with quick turnaround times.

    She has a website at http://www.sherrykrauter.com but call her, as she has reliability issues with her email server.

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