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    David Farkas

    As many here know, I was in Germany last week for the big May 10 Berlin event. What some may not know is that I had an opportunity to spend some time shooting with the M Monochrom and 50 APO-Summicron when I took a side trip for a few days to Wetzlar and Solms.

    I just ran out several 20×30 inch prints from shots at various ISO settings. As good as these images look on screen, I was shocked (pleasantly) how clean and gorgeous they look when printed big.

    Shots at ISO 6,400 and ISO 10,000 are virtually noise free at this size with gobs of detail. At base ISO 320 the level of detail and smoothness is beyond amazing.

    Anyway, thought I’d share my initial observations. I will be publishing a full review with lots of sample shots very soon. Look for it in the Review section here on Red Dot Forum.

    If you have any questions on the M Monochrom, I’ve started a new sub forum. Please post questions there.

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    Looking forward to the review David! Also if possible, please share with us how you’d like to process the files from MM.

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