• Today, Leica has released a firmware update for the newly released Leica Q3. The firmware fixes a freezing issue that some users were experiencing. While no new features are being introduced, it's always nice to […]

  • Today, Leica has announced an upcoming price increase going into effect April 1, 2022. Impacting a range of products, the increases are not uniform across the board. The amount will vary on a per-product […]

  • I have a camera bag problem. 

    It started out innocent enough – just one or two bags for different-sized camera systems – maybe a backpack for longer hauls and a shoulder bag for the day-to-day stuff. Yet […]

    • Thanks for reading! It's always fun to put these together and to see how our bags have changed over time. The mini Eyelead is a game changer! I bet if you asked Josh nicely he'd send you a few business cards.

    • I just purchased the small, Billingham bag you recommended and I love it. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • It’s no secret: I like to travel light. If you’ve read any of my previous articles such as Five Countries, One Camera: Travels with the Leica Q or Two Weeks in India with the Leica CL: Getting out of my Comfor […]

    • I too strive to travel light, and often take only an M body and Elmarit ASPH 28 because it's light and compact. I go about 3 times a year and while I have taken a Fuji XT2 and big zoom on a couple of trips, to shoot the Mille Miglia, for example, I prefer not to play sherpa while on vacay. Seems I've been able to do just about any shooting I needed to with that 28 Elmarit. Occasionally I'll really push the envelope and include either my Elmarit 90/f2.8 or a fast 50.

      Your photos are really nice, and I was struck at the consistency of great exposure. I too cannot believe a photo requires no post, and have to force myself to leave well enough alone and just enjoy it.

      I would love to have an SL in my inventory, however, I used to shoot larger DSLRs and have been happy to move away from larger bodies. I have a CL coming tomorrow with handgrip and Leica M adapter to shoot M lens on it. My next step in light travel.

      • You'll love the CL – it's a nice companion to the M. With the 1.5x crop factor, you'll have the option of shooting your 28mm as an actual 28mm on your M body, or as a 35mm equiv. on your CL without losing resolution. Two lenses in one.

        My travel kit is constantly evolving depending on the trip, subject matter, luggage space, etc. For this trip, I wanted something weather-sealed, so the SL was the answer. Last year, I went to India and wanted the most compact and discreet setup possible. The CL was perfect. With 28mm Elmarit-TL mounted on, it was practically invisible as a walk around street camera.

        Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Great photos and story! I really enjoy your travel stories and camera reviews!

    • Your B&W work is lovely. You deserve a M10M.
      Your writing is excellent and much appreciated.
      I lived in Minnesota two different times and visited the BWA once with a friend who owned a lakeside cabin from 1907. It was filled with all the National Geographic’s from before 1940.
      You refreshed my memories. When I was there, water resistant cameras did not exist as they do today. That would have been nice.
      I take it your canoe never swamped or you would have reported such.
      Keep up the good work.

      • Thanks Jack!

        A loaner M10M just showed up at my door actually. I've been shooting with it all weekend, but have yet to download the images – I'm scared of falling in love with yet another Leica.

        I didn't flip a canoe and the weather was cooperative, but knowing my gear was weather-sealed added a much-appreciated peace of mind.

        Didn't realize you had lived in MN. If you can survive a MN winter, you can survive anything!

    • Hi Kim! I actually have the CL + 35mm TL lens and it's a great combo, but like you mentioned, the SL2 is in a class of its own in terms of image and build quality. And, with your existing M & TL lenses, the SL2 probably makes the most sense. With the SL2's full-frame sensor, you won't have to sacrifice focal length with your M lenses. With the Leica CL's APS-C sensor and 1.5x crop factor, a 50mm M lens would become a 75mm, a 35mm would become a 50mm, etc. On an SL2 the same lens would remain a 50mm and at nearly double the resolution. What's more, you can put your APS-C format 35 TL lens on the SL2, switch it to APS-C mode and get nearly the same resolution as you would on its native CL sensor (about 24 MP), so your not losing anything by shooting a TL lens on an SL body. Also, the SL2 is a little more future proof – more resolution and newer technology. And, if you eventually pick up a native, Summicron-SL prime lens, you'll have the option to have a fully weather-sealed setup. Hope that helps!

    • Thanks for reading Harry! The SL Summicrons were a game-changer for me. Prior to their release, I mostly shot M lenses on the SL as well. Excited to see what Leica has in store for the SL system.

    • Nice article and photos! I’m originally from northern Wisconsin and lived in Duluth, but have never been to the boundary waters, but have heard from others it’s an amazing place! I have a used SL and 24-90 coming this week and am very excited, and nervous, about it… I’ve been using various digital M’s since late 2010 and using something this hefty is going to be a change!

    • After reading the DXOMark review for the 35SL, I would say it was rated poorly – it is in their top 10. They said that it was sharper wide-open than every other 35mm, that it had no measurable distortion, the highest correction of CA and that it transmitted more light than most f/1.8 lenses. The one place I wouldn't agree with their assessment was in regards to sharpness and resolving power. The 35 SL is one of the sharpest lenses ever designed by Leica. I've seen the Leica measured (not theoretical) MTF charts for this lens and they're insane, more what you'd expect from the best 90 APO, not a 35. I've personally used the lens on the SL2 and it's stunning. So, either they got a slightly bad copy (which is extremely unlikely due to Leica QA) or their testing methodology is flawed in some way. Basically, their sharpness findings directly contradict my personal observations, as well as those from other photographers/reviewers. If any one aspect of their test stands out, it's that they used a Panasonic S1-R for testing, not a Leica SL2. Considering these cameras have different microlens designs on the the sensor, and that the Leica lens is optimized for the Leica camera, I'd say this could be the biggest factor in the results from their test not quite matching up to others who have used it on the SL2.

    • Hİ,
      I am a landscape photographer coming from gfx medium format system to SL2. As you can know i am very pickey for edge to edge sharpness. GFX system has that but without dimention and lifelike warmness of leica glass. My lens setup depends ın the prime lens i choose. If i go with 35mm apo then the set will be Sigma 14-24mm , 35mm apo ,75mm apo. If i choose 50mm apo then 16-35mm,50mm apo and 90mm apo.. Sould i listen Karbe and buy he best one which is 35mm apo or 50mm apo is also as good? Which one is more medium format like sharp but has the 3d drawing of leica more?

      • Both the 35 and 50 APO-Summicron-SL lenses are incredible performers, with astounding image quality across the frame. Choose the one that best suits your needs and shooting preferences. Also note that the Leica SL zooms offer prime lens performance as well. I haven't used the Sigma 14-24 and can't speak to its performance characteristics, but do use the 16-35 extensively for my own landscape photography – it's an awesome lens all the way to 16mm.

        • What a quick reply thank you. I was about to buy 16-35mm,50 and 90 apo but suddenly i warched Karbe “best lens ever been built” then i got confiused.16-35mm with 35mm apo is overlap so not so logical.If you say so i can go with the original plan.

    • Great pics. Great adventure. I'm very envious.

      I have an SL myself and I'm still a little confused as what should be my “favourites menu” (The one that comes up by the upper left button). What do you have? A pic or listing would be welcome.


    • New to the forum.
      Great adventure story and pics Kirsten. BWCA now on my “bucket list”

    • Thanks for a great article and beautiful images! I've loved the SL Summicrons for a while, currently just using M lenses on my SL2 and SL2-S. I will likely pick up a SL prime soon though!

  • Leica has announced an upcoming price increase, going into effect on January 1, 2020. This price increase affects most Leica products, from cameras and lenses to accessories like batteries and lens caps. On […]

  • For the last four years, the Leica V-Lux (Typ 114) which features a 1-inch CMOS sensor and fast 25-400mm built-in optical zoom, has been the go-to for both amateurs and professionals looking for a back-friendly […]

  • Last spring, my colleagues and I at Leica Store Miami published an article called What’s in Our Camera Bags, where we individually laid out our gear bags and showed you how and what we shoot. Since then, a lot h […]

  • I started with Leica six years ago as a camera specialist. With a background and passion for photography, I was quickly swept into the world of Summicrons and Elmarits, but paid little attention to Leica’s p […]

    • Kirsten,
      Thanks for an excellent set of explanations.
      I did not realize the differences of a Noctivid before.
      Head up on your caption you state the Noctivid was on the left, and it is in the left hand, but not the viewer's left. I think you need to recaption it.

  • “Do you want to go to India?”

    “What are you talking about, dad?” I half-laughed through the phone.

    My father, a recently-ordained pastor, eagerly explained that he’d been invited to India to speak at a few […]

    • I enjoyed reading of your adventures in India. I had a similar out-of-comfort-zone experience. In 2004-2005 while my father was still alive, I traveled with him on his work in Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam. Over 15 months we made four trips there, each 3-4 weeks in duration. We'd take weekend trips to China (Shanghai and Beijing), Cambodia (Angkor Wat) and Thailand (Bangkok) as well as exploring south and north Viet Nam. It was a terrific adventure and priceless time with my father towards the end of his life. I'm sure you father appreciated your company.

      Unfortunately all I had to shoot was the then-new Canon Digital Rebel. But that camera was way better than no camera at all.

      I recently bought a CL and sold my Q. In retrospect I should have kept the Q. The pair would be a great travel set. For now I am pairing my CL (with the 23 Summicron and 18-56 zoom) with my M10 and 50 APO Summicron. A little heavy for travel but it covers most of my visual bases.

      I'll look forward to more adventure reports from you.

  • My colleagues and I are often asked “What do you shoot with?”and what we take with us when we shoot (not to mention how we choose from a seemingly limitless number of camera bags). Being exposed to the full lin […]

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  • Today, Leica Camera is proud to announce the Leica M-P (Typ 240) ‘grip’ by Rolf Sachs Set which consists of a Leica M-P (Typ 240) with a rubber cladding with raised dot structures and a Leica Summilux-M 35mm f/1 […]

  • Photographs are meant for paper, not screens. To photograph literally means to “write with light”.
    Join us at 2:00pm on Saturday, May 14th, 2016 for our first ever Red Dot Miami Print Swap. We’ll be meeti […]

  • Leica has been setting benchmarks in photography for over 100 years. From the Ur-Leica, the first successful 35mm film camera, to the M8, the first mainstream digital rangefinder, to the Leica S2, the first medium […]

    • A nice useful report.
      I had previously wondered at the flash placement worried that so close to the lens it would flash back on any suspended particles in the water. But you explained the plus of the flash not being shadowed by the lens itself.

      I had not realized this was the only UW camera without a case that shoots RAW. I have a friend John who loves Leica, diving and fishing and this will do it for him.


    • Excellent article. Just one small correction to the opening para: first digital RF was Epson RD1, not the M8

    • I haven't done underwater yet since someone else is going to do that with my camera – soon they say. But I have done quite a lot of shooting on land, and the X-U reminds me very much of the X1 that I had, with many improvements, not the least of which is the f1.7 lens.

  • It happened by accident really. A few years ago,  a couple girlfriends and I started talking about getting together. Life had taken us in different directions and we were living in opposite corners of the […]

    • Excellent post, I very much enjoyed reading this article! I have a Q and love it. I agree with you about it being an great travel camera. I read that you were using some filters with it. I've not tried to use any filters with mine yet, which ones did you have a chance to try out on the trip?

      • Thanks Scott! I brought a 6-stop B+W ND filter. I knew I'd be in touristy places with lots of people, so I used it to achieve longer shutter speeds and blur out crowds. Worked well!

    • Thanks Angie! Can't wait til our next trip!

      Also, if anyone wants to read more about our trip, check out Angie's blog:

    • A bit late to the party, but I’ve recently ordered a Q and am now trawling through old posts to see what others think of it and see some beautiful images. This is a Great post with some beautiful photos. Can’t wait to get out there with mine.

  • Bring your Leica and join us the second Saturday of March to photograph Miami's vibrant street art district! We'll meet at 4:30pm in Panther Coffee and take advantage of golden hour as the sun sets and gives way […]

  • Red Dot Miami members, use this thread to post your most recent shots!

  • Leica M9, 50mm Summicron-M Version IV

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