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    This has to be one of the most, if not the most, comprehensive review I’ve read of any camera (not just a Leica camera). To say well done is an understatement. Thanks!

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    Thanks for this. I like my CL. My only complaint (are you reading Leica) is the inability to turn off Long Exposure Noise Reduction. I’ve looked and not found a way. Otherwise the compact TL lenses are a pleasure to carry around (relatively light weight) and have pretty good image quality (not M-good but to me as good as the Q when I owned…[Read more]

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    Thanks for this reporting. I know it takes money and time to make this sort of trip, conduct interviews, and write this info up.

    I had an SL at one time. This excites me to maybe get an SL again… or wait for SL 2.0. I liked using my TL lenses on the SL despite the crop down to 10MP.

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    From your shots it appears that this show is well attended. Is it or are there some vendor areas that are substantially more crowded than others?

    Were you able to get any sense in the L Mount meeting whether or not a new SL is around the corner or the current model has some more years left? The current trade-in discount could be interpreted…[Read more]

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    New City, New Camera, Familiar Glass
    I’m never without a camera on my shoulder. No camera, no pictures. Everyday moments are there to be captured, and I’m always ready. Some mornings, that familiar analog itch hits. I grab my trusty, battle-worn M6, […] View

    I enjoyed reading this. I particularly like the rich saturated colors. I have a CL and the M-to-L adapter but have not tried any M glass yet. Maybe a 21 M lens is in my future.

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    I had the M9 + Noct combo for three years. Setting aside the price aspect, the Noct is a great lens at f5.6 and an amazing lens at f.95. However, at f.95, the Noct is very hard to focus and even more difficult in low light… the depth of field is so shallow (focus on the bridge of someones nose and their lips are out of focus) that for me focus s…[Read more]

  • jwcane;4910 wrote: Could not reproduce Garydmorris’s reported behavior (blanking of manual-focus-assist window when pressing D/F). Could you share more details about how/when this happens? For me, pressing D/F, before or after focusing, works fine, without any blanking of the EVF or LCD display (whichever is in use).

    I have S/N 4707874,…

    [Read more]

  • Jack MacD;4901 wrote: Gary,
    Having tried your D-Lux 6 I agree with you that it is a very nice handling camera.
    Thanks for letting me try it.

    Any time!

  • I have a D-Lux 6 (for about 3 months as of this writing). I recently took it with me as a third camera on a trip to Paris with the wife. I say third camera because I had my M9 and X2 as primary cameras. Anyway, I was shooting with the DL6 inside the Louvre and in the space of about one hour, on four separate occasions other people roaming the…[Read more]

  • I have had my XV for a week now. I was interested in this camera from the time of announcement. The reason is simple: Leica quality glass in a modest zoom and not a shoulder crushing camera body. I was a little disappointed in the zoom range… I’d have liked 90mm instead of the 70mm but that’s just me.

    I tried this camera out at the new L…[Read more]