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Leica Releases Firmware Version for the Leica M (Typ 240)

Today, Leica has released a new firmware version for the Leica M (Typ 240), version This firmware update brings a number of requested improvements including enhancing the auto white balance and improving live view stability. Here is the official list of changes from Leica:

Improved performance of the white balance

The accuracy of the white balance presets and the auto white balance function is higher with version This results in better skin tones and better general colour rendering.

Improved Video quality

The visibility of compression artifacts is reduced due to lower video compression.

Lens calibration

For coded Leica lenses, the image homogeneity (color shift) has been improved.

General fixes

  • Improved stability using Live View, both with and without EVF-2
  • Issue with display settings in combination with “Sharpness high” – fixed
  • Issue with exposures after switching the camera on – fixed
  • The “Auto Power Off” function showed unexpected behavior – fixed
  • The recording dates for video files have been incorrect occasionally – fixed
  • Issue with Copyright and Artist Information in EXIF Data – fixed
  • Improvement of general system stability
  • Several minor bug fixes

The new firmware, along with updating instructions can be found here: Leica M Downloads. If you have an M and performed this update, let us know in the comments your thoughts on the changes!

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