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Just ahead of Photokina, Leica has announced the long-anticipated SL Multifuntion Handgrip. This handgrip for the SL (Typ 601) offers a few nice features:

  • Ability to shoot vertically in a natural orientation
  • Additional shutter release for vertical shooting
  • Additional joystick control for autofocus selection and activation while shooting vertically
  • Ability to double battery life with second battery slot
  • Ability to attach Handstrap S for secure, one-handed shooting

This is no plastic toy. The SL Multifunction Handgrip is machined out of solid aluminum, just like the SL and promises to be built like a tank. I'm curious to see if the additional size the grip adds to the SL body makes for a more balanced shooting experience when using the larger SL zoom lenses. I plan on getting my hands on one in the next couple of days here at Photokina. Stay tuned for updates and hands-on pictures.

The Leica HG-SCL 4 Multifunction Handgrip is expected to start shipping next month (October 2016) and will cost $850. It is currently available for pre-order at Leica Store Miami by clicking here, by emailing or by calling 305-921-4433.



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