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With Leica's new focus on professional imaging and nothing new announced for the flagship medium format Leica S System, the Leica SL was the unofficial star of this past Photokina. The Leica S (Typ 007) launched mid last year and features a full compliment of outstanding S lenses already in the lineup. The SL, though, is still a young system. With just two zooms currently available, lenses will now be a major focus moving forward.

As I wrote during my Photokina 2016 show coverage, Leica had the new 50mm Summilux-SL ASPH on display (which I was able to take some test shots with), along with teasing three upcoming Summicron-SLs (75mm, 90mm, 35mm) and a 16-35mm wide angle zoom. The new Summicron-SL range, according to optics maestro Peter Karbe, will set a new standard in prime lens performance. And, if the 50 Lux SL is any indication, these smaller prime lenses will be incredible. Be sure to check out my previous articles for test images from the 50 SL and a full discussion with Mr. Karbe.

Photokina 2016 – Day 1: Checking Out the 50mm Summilux-SL ASPH and Multifunction Handgrip

Setting a new standard with Leica SL Lenses: A discussion with Peter Karbe at Photokina 2016

I also had the chance to interview Steffen Skopp, product manager of the SL System. In the video, we look at the new SL handgrip and the 50 Summilux-SL, discuss the upcoming lenses and talk about what the future holds for the SL System. Be sure to watch the full video interview below:


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