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Today, Leica has released updated firmware for the Leica TL2. This update adds a ton of additional functionality to the TL2, including additional customization options, focus peaking, additional video capability, improved autofocus performance and superior color correction for TL lenses. Read on for a full breakdown.

The new firmware, version 1.4 can be downloaded directly from the Leica website by clicking here:

TL2 Firmware version 1.4


Improvements in Firmware ver 1.4:

New Menu Item : Selection of LCD / Viewfinder settings

The content appearing on screen and in the viewfinder are identical. Now, the user can determine when and where the content appears. So, if you only want to use the EVF and disable the rear LCD, you can. Doing so, does create an interesting issue, though. The menu is touchscreen-driven, so in order to access options outside of the function wheels and FN button, you'll need to detach the EVF.

Access the new setting in the Monitor/EVF menu from the Main Menu.

New Menu Item : Left Dial Customizable functions

Touching the left function display brings up the available function tiles. These functions are now customizable . The user can choose up to six. After turning the wheel to bring up the on-screen icon, tap the upper left one and your six options will display in an overlay like this:

You can now change the six options displayed as tiles, by going into the General settings in the Main Menu. Here you'll see the Left Dial menu.

Once in the Left Dial menu, you can enable and disable from a list of possible functions. At the top of the screen is a count of how many are enabled out of a possible six.

New Menu Item : More options for Top FN Button

The user can now assign 1 of 6 functions to the button on top of the camera. In the same General settings menu, there is an FN button, with the current value displayed on it. In my case, the FN button is assigned to ISO and the value is currently AUTO for Auto ISO. You can either use the menu to change the button assignment, or simply long-press the FN button on the top of the camera to bring up the same selection menu. This is how the FN button works on the Leica CL as well, which allows for faster access in the field.

New Menu Item: Electronic Shutter Options

The user can now choose the electronic shutter to be off, always on or extended for speeds faster than the mechanical shutter. This change brings the TL2 in line with the same menu options on the SL and the CL.

Our suggestion here is to use Extended mode, unless you need to be completely silent. For instance, at a wedding ceremony or a live performance. For quickly moving subjects, you'll want to stick to the mechanical shutter, as the electronic shutter might show some rolling shutter effect in these cases. If photographing relatively static, or slow-moving subjects, rolling shutter shouldn't pose an issue.

Focus Peaking in AF Mode

In AF mode, the user can always take manual focus corrective action by using the MF ring. With FW 1.4, focus peaking is available during this operation. You can find the setting under the Focus menu in the Focus Aid icon.

Focus Peaking for M-/R-Lenses

While using M-/R-lenses via M-Adapter L focus peaking is now available. This is a VERY welcome addition and one that many M and R lens users have been clamoring for since the TL2 launched last year.


EV adjustment during video recording

During video recording the EV value can be adjusted via the left top dial.


Enable zooming during rating function

During single image rating function the zoom-in / zoom-out function via right top dial is now available. This is helpful to double-check sharpness and image details.


VIDEO : more options for video resolution

Addition video options have been added. Available settings now include 4K 30 fps, FHD 30fps, FHD 60fps, HD 60fps, and Slow-motion 120 fps.

Improvement of Color Aberration for all TL Lenses

TL lens performance is already excellent across the board, but this update now removes any residual color aberrations. We'll take any increase in image quality.


Improvement of the AFc precision and AF speed

Another nice under-the-hood enhancement. While we generally recommend and use AFs, it's nice to see Leica addressing requests for better performing AFc tracking. Again, we'll take it.


To install the new firmware, follow these steps:

  1. Download the firmware at the above link
  2. Insert a formatted SD card into your computer's card reader
  3. Open your downloads folder and drag the TL2_1400.FLU file onto your memory card. This will place it in the root directory.
  4. Eject your card
  5. Insert the SD card with the firmware on it into your TL2
  6. Turn on the TL2 while pressing down on the top function button
  7. When prompted, say OK to update

Keep in mind, the firmware is only compatible with the TL2, not the TL (Typ 701) or T (Typ 701). Leica has released separate updates for these cameras.

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