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    fotografz;6167 wrote: Thanks for answering David.

    Yes, I know it is supposed to only work on TTL-HSS … and that is the way it worked before.

    Suddenly, TTL-HSS is not available at all in the SF58 selection menu, but TTL is there … then, the camera and flash will fire in just TTL up to 1/4000 in CS mode and up to 1/125 in FP mode.

    The problem seems to be that the flash/camera are not communicating … so if I set ISO 320 on the camera the flash remains on default ISO 100.

    I can go in and manually set the ISO on the flash, and it'll properly expose in TTL.

    I have two SF58s that act the same way.

    I tried resetting the flashes. Nope.

    Cleaned the contacts. Nope.

    The ONLY difference is that I loaded the new S2 firmware and now the flash operation is screwed up.

    I cannot find any info on flash operation, nor any reference to any firmware update for the SF58s.

    Yes, I can set A, but it should work the way it was designed.

    Further thoughts?

    – Marc

    I find several occurrences of these before – TTL-HSS is nowhere to be found and only TTL is available in the menu and exposure info does not register. Have you tried alternating the powering up sequence: so power up flash first, insert it tightly to hotshoe, then power camera on? I forgot the order but at some point it solved the problem for me.

    btw, I've just got several Canon 600 EX RT's – although they don't do ETTL with a Leica it's fun to use them manually as small strobes. Quite amazing you can control a large group of these wirelessly without pocket wizards hanging around.

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    David Farkas;6166 wrote: Interesting approach. I'm trying to think about how this could be implemented without creating a possible stumbling block. Imagine you pick up the camera, forget to change the focus zone and end up either thinking the lens is broken or missing a shot because you were fumbling with the menus.

    Any thoughts?

    The focus limiting function can be reset every time you power down and up again, i.e. set it once in the beginning of a session and it will be kept for that session only. This way no fear of user forgetting the setting. I imagine for portraits I can map it to the stop-down button to quickly access and make changes.

    I also like Peter's idea of a simple display when this function is in effect, but maybe on the small LED screen instead as it's always lit. Just an exclamation mark will do.

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    RVB;6153 wrote: I've just been using the Hasselblad 120macro (great lens) and one great feature on this lens/body system would be a great idea for the Leica S.. When you add the macro to the H body the A.F settings shows a new setting which is exclusive to this lens,that is the ability the choose from near scan,full scan or infinity scan.

    It would be a welcome asset to the S system if Leica could implement this in future firmware…

    I second this suggestion, esp when doing a portrait session without help of manual focusing screen, sometimes the focus hunt is annoying.

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    peterv;6120 wrote: That's a good start! I like the website, nice and clean. The portaits are interesting, nice light. Best of luck with her new career!

    Thanks for the kind words!

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    erlingmm;5723 wrote: Just upgraded firmware for my lenses. On checking my Vario 30-90 against the Leica instructions, my lens did not confirm to the firmware version given. It was supposed to be, my lens showed
    I read on another forum that the Leica documentation was wrong (and that my lens was ok), can this be confirmed?

    – Erling

    Yes same here. Leica made a mistake on this one, not a big deal though

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    RVB;4747 wrote: Your right it does this too,another issue I have is that there is no option to keep the mirror up between shots,the S/S2 is a great camera but I would like to see Leica resolve these issues in the next firmware update…

    In firmware settings for bracketing and the self-timer can now be stored in user profiles and remain active after restarting the camera.

    I only recall once when the S “forgets” my auto power off setting (say, 2 min), maybe because I switch to another profile. You can save this setting in the user profile and export it to card just in case. The current firmware seems to have no issues in this area.

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    Finally got mine as well. Extremely pleased with the lens.

    David and Josh, may be you guys can let Leica know my simple (firmware) feature request:
    With S lens most times I need to get handheld speed of at least 1/2f instead of 1/f. In aperture priority + auto ISO mode, the S supports setting minimum shutter speed of 1/f or a manual setting. Can they also add an option of 1/2f? It will be very convenient when using the zoom lens (I usually set a manual min speed for prime lens as I'm not comfortable with 1/f)

    Now that 30-90 is available, I wonder if Leica will ever design a tele zoom like a S 90-250mm. One can only wish… (S 45mm is a good example of a wish come true for some)

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    RVB;4731 wrote: Maybe I am mistaken but when I set the auto power down on the S it works great but every time I turn the camera off this resets to default which means the battery quickly drains to empty..

    Leica need to add the option of making auto power off a default preference,it is ridculous to have to keep replacing the battery.

    I also find this sometimes. In addition the self timer setting resets to single shot mode so easily that makes me mad whenever I'm using it…

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    Here is slightly shopped version with more black borders, I think it looks better 🙂

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    David K;4706 wrote: Here ya go Mark…glad someone enjoys these shots 🙂 First is the uncropped version of the Noct shot, the others are with the S2 and 70mm.

    Superb shots David! Normally I would comment on how magical the Noct shot is. But then I think these 70mm shots are even more breathtaking!

    I didn't find the 70mm CS to be sharper though, hum maybe Leica accidentally shippied out a lens from their secret lab… :p

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    David K;4610 wrote: Shooting a moving target with the Noct wide open and nailing focus is like winning Powerball 🙂

    Indeed I hope my brain can incorporate something like the new S camera's predictive focusing:)

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    Scott997;4607 wrote: Congrats on your M! What lens did you shoot the 2nd picture with?

    Thanks Scott! They're all captured with the Noctilux 0.95

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    David K;4554 wrote: Jack, I keep the battery pack well behind me on a towel or sheet. I'll typically look to see where the wet sand stops, past where the waves have reached and put it there. Despite having done this countless times I am still occasionally surprised just how fast the tide can come in and how far a mini rogue wave can wash past where others have stopped. One of these days i'll get smart and put my battery packs in some kind of waterproof container. The other trick is to suspend the battery pack from the light stand using a bungee cord. This works well as long as it's not one of the big, really heavy packs. I don't much care if the light stands get wet. I've dedicated a few of them for beach use. They're corroded and ugly but still get the job done. One other trick I've learned from my friend Andre is to extend the lowest leg of my tripod at least one hands width to minimize the amount of sand that gets in the legs. I then extend the legs from the top down for better support. But the real key to getting good shots for this type of work is to get really, really low. For me this means wearing a bathing suit, peeling off my shirt and laying in the sand/surf. At least I don't have to worry about getting sand in my hair 🙂

    Amazing photos David! Recently I heard about the priolite which is very cool since the battery is built in, maybe great for these situations

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    Ok SDXC card issue resolved, thanks to Alex AR's post

    (1) Do not format SDXC card in Leica S since out of factory they're ExFat format
    (2) Instead, format SDXC card in PC/Mac first into MS-DOS(FAT) format.
    (3) Then format the card in Leica S again just to make sure

    Happily now the card works in S.

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    Looking forward to the review David! Also if possible, please share with us how you'd like to process the files from MM.

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