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    David K

    One of my favorite models asked to do a lingerie shoot…who am I to say no 🙂 Leica S2 and 70mm lens.

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    Jack MacD

    Looks like you will be safe here from the saltwater waves of the beach.

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    So David, since she asked you did she pay you?

    Beautiful model she is.


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    David K

    @ Jack…I’m shooting with a loaner from David while my S2 is on it’s way to Germany. Don’t want to abuse his hospitality by getting saltwater on his gear. But I did get splashed a bit on the shower shots 🙂

    @ Jim…not only does she not pay me, I don’t even get a percentage of her what she makes on all the paying jobs I get her!! But I do get a lot of personal satisfaction when the results are this good.

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    very nice shot! Would you consider to share some settings? (for me the 70 doesn’t work well if I don’t stop down)

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    David K

    I intended to shoot all of these wide open…but inadvertently stopped down to f/3.4 on the first one. The others were at f/2.5. Shutter speed was 1/500th for all shots which were hand held using AF. My 70mm is the new CS version. For whatever reason I have a feeling that my new 70mm is sharper than my old one and focuses better. Not basing this on any scientific analysis…simply a gut feeling coupled with a much higher percentage of in focus shots. Here’s a crop of a wide open shot to give you a better idea of sharpness and focus.

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    Mark Gowin

    Extremely well done David. Of course a beautiful model helps considerably. Thank you for the crop – it is much easier to see that the model has great eyes.

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    David K

    Mark, she does have beautiful eyes. Here’s a heavy crop of a shot taken with the M9 and the .095 Noct at f/1.2. I rarely use this combination when shooting models but when I do I really like the results.

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    Mark Gowin

    I am impressed with your focusing skills with the Nocti. I know from experience that it isn’t easy nailing the focus point where you want it with that lens. The least amount of body sway or subject movement will throw it off due to the shallow dof.

    So I see the model is wearing something reddish/pinkish in this latest crop whereas she is wearing white in the previous photos. Hopefully, you can share some more photos of this beautiful model.

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    David K

    Here ya go Mark…glad someone enjoys these shots 🙂 First is the uncropped version of the Noct shot, the others are with the S2 and 70mm.

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    David K;4706 wrote: Here ya go Mark…glad someone enjoys these shots 🙂 First is the uncropped version of the Noct shot, the others are with the S2 and 70mm.

    Superb shots David! Normally I would comment on how magical the Noct shot is. But then I think these 70mm shots are even more breathtaking!

    I didn’t find the 70mm CS to be sharper though, hum maybe Leica accidentally shippied out a lens from their secret lab… :p

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    Mark Gowin

    Thank you David. I thoroughly enjoy your model shoots and this model especially.

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    interesting thing about the sharpnes of the 70, as i always felt that it was less sharp than the other S-lenses. And I have probably one of the first lenses.

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    Jason Holiday

    not too bad…thanks for sharing..

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