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    Just received my Leica S from Josh after a long wait – the improvements are fantastic. ISO 1600 is certainly cleaner than S2 at 1250, focusing is slightly better and thank god for 1-click zoom and a beautiful LCD screen!

    1. Supposedly SDXC cards are now compatible, but I was using a Sandisk 64GB SDXC class 10 card (formatted in the camera) today in parallel storage mode with DNG+Jpeg Fine (9.3MB) setting. Every time I took a single photo it takes a loooooong time to write to both cards (the red light on the back is blinking for at least 2-3 minutes per shot). Remove the SD card and all is fine again. Anyone else experienced this?

    2. The firmware is, and surprisingly is not even listed in Leica owner’s area. Also the S system protection plan activation process is not online yet…

    3. Maybe it’s just me but the old info display feels more lively and intuitive than the new lifeless (dare I say boring) monochrom one. More information displayed is certainly good, but at a glance it’s easier to get distracted and harder to pick up the info I want to see. Why not (have an option to) make it color match the info on the OLED top panel?

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    Ok SDXC card issue resolved, thanks to Alex AR’s post

    (1) Do not format SDXC card in Leica S since out of factory they’re ExFat format
    (2) Instead, format SDXC card in PC/Mac first into MS-DOS(FAT) format.
    (3) Then format the card in Leica S again just to make sure

    Happily now the card works in S.

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    Josh Lehrer

    I didn’t even know that myself, thank you for the tip about the SDXC cards!

    No firmware updates have been made available yet for the new S, so you will not see anything in the Owner’s Area. Leica does not allow you to re-install firmware, so they do not make the current version available for download.

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