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As we reported last week, Leica is preparing to ship adapters to mount third-party lenses on the Leica S2.

Here are the details of the press release:

Leica Camera is pleased to introduce more accessories for the Leica S-System – the Leica S-Adapters for third-party lenses. For now, Leica will have the S-Adapter V, S-Adapter P67 and S-Adapter M645. All S-Adapters will be available from August 2011.

The S-Camera Adapter V can be used for lenses of the Hasselblad V-System, the S-Camera Adapter P67 can be used for lenses of the Pentax 67-system and the S-Camera Adapter M645 can be used for lenses of the Mamiya 645-system. All adapters are made of high quality materials: aluminium anodized and chrome brass.

Product Benefits:[INDENT]• Able to use third-party lenses with the Leica S Camera
[/INDENT][INDENT]• Extension of the compatible lens range which includes tilt & shift
[/INDENT][INDENT]• Made of high quality materials: aluminum anodized, chromed brass
[/INDENT]When using the Leica S-Adapter, no mechanical or electrical functions, signals or data are transferred between Leica S-System cameras and lenses.

Leica S-Adapter V
H=30.2 mm, W=81 mm, weight=138.75 g

Leica S-Adapter M645
H=15.5 mm, W=78 mm, weight= 93.5 g

Leica S-Adapter P67
H=37 mm, W=90 mm, weight= 222.5 g

The price for each adapter is $849 and is now available for pre-order through Dale Photo & Digital.

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