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Today, Leica camera has released the Leica Universal Strap Lug Leica T which allows users to attach a wide variety of wrist and neck straps to the T (Typ 701). In addition, Leica has also released the Leica Neck, Strap, Leather, Stone Grey to match their existing T-System accessories. From Leica:

Leica Camera is pleased to introduce two new accessories for the Leica T:

Leica Universal Strap Lug Leica T
Leica strap, stone-grey

The Leica Universal Strap Lug Leica T allows the Leica T camera to be used with standard neck and wrist straps, and is sold as a set. The strap lugs make it easy to change straps and use a wide variety of colorful options. Customers are advised to use straps with protection flaps to avoid scratching the camera body.

The Leica strap, stone grey comes with a sliding shoulder pad and its length can be adjusted
accordingly. This strap can be used with any of the Leica T camera protectors.

The Universal Strap Lug is similar to a third-party kit made by Match Technical Services (maker of the Thumbs Up), the Match Technical T-Strap Lug Kit but represents Leica's official support of this type of accessory.

To learn more about the new products including specifications and pricing, and to place an order, you can check them out online here: Leica Universal Strap Lug Leica T and Leica Neck, Strap, Leather, Stone Grey. Don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions.

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