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Today, Leica has released new firmware for the T (Typ 701) camera. Firmware version 1.6 improves auto focus speed in continuous mode, supports the new TL app, allows for image stabilization to be used with SL lenses, and brings full compatibility with R lenses via the R Adapter L. This update brings the now-discontinued T's feature set into similar territory of the refreshed model: the new Leica TL.

You can download the firmware here: T Firmware 1.6

The full list of changes and improvements, from Leica:

Performance: Improved autofocus, especially in AF-C mode:

+45% faster performance in close-up range
+25% faster performance in normal range

Leica TL App: the new Leica TL app is now available for Leica T in Android and iOS.

The new app features improvements in camera operation, menu and focus selection. Also improved is playback and viewing images in full frame mode through swiping. Multiple selections are now possible.

Leica SL Lenses: Support of the OIS (optical image stabilization) function of SL lenses.

Leica Adapter: Support of the Leica R-Adapter L for all R-lenses


For detailed instructions about how to update your T firmware, you can refer to this article here: How to Update the Firmware on the Leica T

If you have any questions about the firmware or the update process, don’t hesitate to send us an email.




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