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Today, Leica has released firmware version 2.2 for the SL (Typ 601) mirrorless full-frame digital camera. The new firmware offers stability and performance improvements along with compatibility for the latest tethered software plug-ins. The official list of improvements and bug fixes, from Leica:

  • Improved support for Leica Image Shuttle 3.5 for MAC / Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Tethered
    Plug-In 1.1.0 (for MAC).
  • Added Support for Leica Image Shuttle 3.5 for Windows.
  • Changed exposure limitation in combination with 6-bit coded M-lenses.
  • Missing data in EXIF in combination with lens adapters.
  • Minor bug fixes.

The firmware can be downloaded here: Leica SL Firmware 2.2 (It's a big file, so be sure it is 100% downloaded before you copy it to your SD card!)

A video tutorial for updating your SL firmware can be found here: How to Update SL Firmware

To install the new firmware, please do the following:

  1. Insert a fully charged battery into the camera.
  2. Download the firmware file to your computer (601__22_.lfu). Don't try to open this file.
  3. Copy the firmware file to the root directory on your SD card.
  4. Insert the SD into the camera and switch on the camera into slot 1 (you do not want to have any SD card in slot 2)
  5. Export your User Profiles for backup purposes to your SD card.
  6. Go to camera menu: SETUP/Camera Information/Firmware/Start Update
  7. Restart the camera.
  8. If an update for your lens is available, the camera will ask to start the lens firmware process.
  9. Once the updates are done, restart the camera.
  10. In case your User Profiles are lost, go to Import Profiles to set the camera back to your preferred settings if you have performed step 5.

During the firmware update, do not:

  • Turn off the camera
  • Remove the battery
  • Detach the lens
  • Remove the memory card
  • The multifunction hand grip may not be attached


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  1. Dr.Saad Habba

    I presently own Q and anticipating giving up my Nikon D800 with zoom lenses24-70 to get an SL 24-90. Am I crazy to do so.
    Please add me to your email list for any future leicas Info.


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