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With the introduction of the 40 megapixel M10-R into the lineup, today Leica has dropped the price of its previous top-tier M10-P by a whopping $1,000. The price of a new M10-P is now $7,795, in either black chrome or silver chrome finish. This puts it $500 less than the M10-R. While not a huge difference, keep in mind that apart from the new 40 megapixel sensor, both cameras share the same specifications, features and internal components, like the ultra-quiet mechanical shutter, virtual horizon and touchscreen. Really, the choice between the two cameras comes down to use case and photographic needs.

Along with the price adjustment on the M10-P, Leica has officially discontinued the original M10, as well as the analog-inspired M10-D. This isn't too surprising as Leica works to streamline the M lineup and prioritize production of the M10-R and M10 Monochrom, both of which share components with the M10-P.

Here's how the current M10 line-up looks now:

Leica M10-R, Black Chrome$8,295
Leica M10-R, Silver Chrome$8,295
Leica M10 Monochrom$8,295
Leica M10-P, Black Chrome$7,795
Leica M10-P, Silver Chrome$7,795


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