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Leica has just launched a new “Change to Leica” trade-in promotion. The program is aimed towards users of other brand camera systems that might be looking for an enticing reason to switch to a new Leica SL2 or SL2-S (other than the fact that these are incredible cameras with an exceptional range of lenses). We've got all the details down below, but here are the basics:

From November 15, 2021 through January 31, 2022, trade in a qualifying Sony, Nikon, Canon, Sigma, Panasonic, Hasselblad or Fuji camera and receive a set of bonus vouchers through a special Leica web portal. These vouchers can then be used at participating Leica Stores and Boutiques for additional savings when trading in your non-Leica camera for a new SL2 or SL2-S body or bundle.

Vouchers towards SL lenses are available as well, but the program requires getting a body or bundle with the first trade-in. After applying the first voucher towards an SL2 or SL-2 body or bundle, the remaining vouchers can then be applied towards additional SL bodies or SL lenses. Note that the voucher amounts are in addition to the regular trade-in values offered by the store.

Who should take advantage of this promotion?

If you currently shoot with another camera brand and have been waiting to jump into the Leica SL System, this program was designed for you. Head to the website, register for your vouchers, trade in your other system and get the SL party started. But I see some other possible beneficiaries as well.

So, you've dipped your toe into the Leica ecosystem with a Q2 or Q2 Monochrom but shoot another brand as your main system. Maybe you want the same outstanding image quality, straightforward ergonomics and rugged build quality as the Q2 but with the benefits of interchangeable lenses. Or, you're already all-in on Leica, with a closet full of gear, but also have another non-Leica camera for sports, birding or the like. You can take advantage of Leica's generous trade-in voucher as well to add an SL2 or SL2-S to your already great kit. Or perhaps you already shoot with an SL2, have a non-Leica camera that's collecting dust and depreciation, and want to add an SL2-S for its low-light prowess.

How the program works

  1. Customer visits the Leica Camera “Change to Leica” web page and registers an eligible trade-in product.
  2. Customer receives a set of vouchers representing an additional value to be received when trading-in their gear towards the purchase of an eligible, new, serial-numbered SL System product.
  3. Customer visits a participating, Leica Authorized Store, Boutique or Dealer and receives a trade-in value.
  4. The first Leica purchase must be a Leica SL2/SL2- S body or bundle.
  5. Further vouchers can be used for other SL2 cameras, bundles, or SL lenses.
  6. The trade-in amount and Leica Voucher Value will be deducted from new product purchase.

What cameras qualify?

Nikon Canon Sony Fuji 
Z7 EOS R5α9 GFX50R
D5EOS 6D MkII α7SIII Hasselblad  
D850 EOS 5DS R α7III 
D810 EOS 5DS α7II Sigma 
D810AEOS 5D MkIII α7 FP 
D780 S1R
D610 S1
D600 S5

What about trading in non-qualifying items?

You can trade-in any camera or lens to receive a standard trade-in credit from a participating store, but would not receive a bonus Leica Voucher amount on top of the trade-in value for any camera not listed in the table above, or for any lenses you may have.

How do I take advantage of the promotion?

First, head to the Change to Leica web portal by clicking here, and enter the non-Leica camera model you wish to trade in. Follow the instructions to receive the vouchers. Then, fill out a trade-in form at Leica Store Miami by clicking here. Leica Store Miami's used specialist will then guide you through the trade-in process and provide you with final valuations. If you have any questions about the promotion, feel free to email or call 305-921-4433.


3 Responses

  1. Rodrigue

    Would love to trade my Canon 5D MK4 / Canon lenses for an SL / lenses system.
    I already use the Q and M for many special fashion shoots, having the SL would complete my Leica arsenal.

  2. John Houston

    I already have an M9 and two M lenses and a Leica Q and am really disappointed that, as I have 3 Nikon cameras that I would love to trade to upgrade M9 to M10 or possibly SL2 but the 3 Nikon bodies are not full frame and don’t qualify..I am disappointed I that I am excluded from this fabulous offer.


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