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    Mark Gowin

    There is the great old junk yard not far from my home that has old cars and trucks scattered about in the woods. It is a great place to wander around with a camera. The owner of the place has figured out how to capitalize on the uniqueness of his junk yard by charging photographers an entry fee.

    My first visit to Old Car City was cut short due to a cold rain which was unanticipated. The rain was great for bringing out the colors and texture on a drab low contrast winter day. Unfortunately, I was unprepared for rain (no rain jacket) as it was not in the forecast. While my S2 doesn't mind the rain, I sure do especially with cold temperatures (~40 degrees). I got to see less the half of the junk yard so I can't wait to get back for a do over.

    As you can see, I took considerable liberties in the processing of these images. In this case I preferred the HDRish look over the straight processing. I gave the files a basic processing treatment in LR4 and then finished them off with the NIK HDR plug-in. Each image is a single file HDR and I tried to exercise some restraint, but didn't worry to much about it. It was fun going outside my normal comfort zone. I noticed the color temps are not consistent across the set and would need to be corrected before printing and displaying as a set (if that ever happens).

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