Discussion Forum Leica S System Alternative Lenses Something Different: Leica S2 with Hasselblad PC-Shift Adapter
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    Josh Lehrer

    Here’s something you don’t see every day, the Leica S2 + S-Hasselbad V adapter + Hasselblad PC-Mutar 1.4x Shift Adapter + Hasselblad FE 50mm f/2.8:

    A very cool combination, albeit a bit clunky. The PC-Mutar only has vertical shift, but with an L-bracket using it for a bit of landscape stitching shouldn’t be completely impossible. Infinity focus is maintained. More to come!

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    Mark Gowin

    Something different is an appropriate title. How well does it work?

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    I believe the PC-Shift was designed for the 40mm lens which becomes around 56mm after the 1.4 factor. I have the PC adapter and 40mm lens so I will give it a try and compare with the Mamiya 50mm shift lens.

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