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One of the most significant changes in the Leica S (Typ 007) over the previous S (Typ 006) and S2 is the addition of Live View functionality. While purists might consider LV to be an extraneous and gimmicky feature, I've found it to be extremely useful, especially for landscape applications. And, because this feature is totally new to S users, finding your way around the new live view interface and playback functions can be a little daunting. So, I made a short video to explain the operation of the new live view and updated playback controls in the Leica S (Typ 007).

Please have a look and, as always, the video is best viewed full screen and in HD (click the frame icon in the lower right corner of the YouTube window).

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  1. Jack MacD

    Thanks David,
    You showed me some features I had yet to discover myself. The focus peaking in zoom with the ability to then see the finished result zoomed in and switching from one shot to the next still zoomed is a handy tool indeed.

    I suggest you consider also to do a video on the use of wifi control sometime. Photographers who have had live view for smaller formats for sometime may be very familiar with the magic of wifi enabled focus but I was not. Using wifi control of focus on my iPhone is certainly more handy than merely having a swingable LCD display. This of course assumes one is on a tripod for critical adjustments. It also allows me in interior architectural work to place the camera totally against a wall for maximum field of view and still see what the camera is taking via the iPhone view.


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