Discussion Forum Leica M System M Lenses Alternate lens forum for M and LTM lenses?
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    There is an alternate lens forum for the Leica S2 camera, and the M Lenses for the M series cameras.

    Many manufacturers have made LTM mount and M-Mount lenses over the past 80 years. I bought the M8 and M9 to use 80 years of lenses on modern digital, and have quite a few. Some of these are uncommon, such as a Simlar 5cm F1.5. Some are one-of-a-kind, such as a Schneider Xenar 5cm F2.8 in LTM.

    I would like to see an “Alternate Lens Forum” under the Leica M System forum, or at least the M Lenses made into the M and LTM lenses.

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