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    roger anthony

    Hi everyone,

    Can anyone guide me how to revert back to the original D-Lux 5 firmware?
    I recently re-purchased a D-Lux 5.
    My first one, a 2012 build was a sensational camera. I sold it to update to a D-lux 6 but immediately found the 6 didn’t match the image quality of the 5 in many areas so I sought out another DL5.

    I eventually found a brand new “old stock” D-lux 5 and was rapt. It is a July 2011 build and straight out of the box it was the old Leica DL5, with beautiful clear natural 3 dimensional shots straight out of the camera every time.
    I then updated the firmware to version 2.0 and took it out for a day of picture taking.
    The results were disastrous, and very similar to the losses of the DL6. Pictures were now flat, 2 dimensional with clearly reduced clarity and even the colours were now false and pasty looking.

    Has anyone else had this and can anyone guide me how to revert back to the original firmware?
    I desperately want to return to the original firmware.
    I usually shoot in standard colour aperture priority mode, or AP mode B&W.
    Thanks in advance,

    *I noticed someone in DPreview forum posted exactly the same findings 11months ago with their DL5
    roger anthony

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