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    I set out to photograph the 24 in a unique and different way then I've shot it in the past. I wanted to focus on the people, not just the racers but the fans.

    Unfortunately, the team I was photographing for had a very difficult race with one problem after another and pulled the plug on it early. It was a real shame after qualifying first in the the GT class. The pictures are in no particular order.

    I used a M9 mostly during the day with a 35mm Summicron and for the majority of the night I used the Monochrom with my 50mm F/0.95 Noctilux lens. I was able to pull of some extremely low light shots with the mono and nocti! Also, I always use a viewfinder magnifier when shooting the Noctilux. It makes a world of a difference in framing and shooting.

    Hold on buddy we are in for a rough night.

    yes I just took your picture, only because you were interesting and when you looked at me that was the “Decisive Moment”

    Looking at this pictures is like a time warp!

    A mother and son take a break from watching the race by fishing. It was so dark in the are when I took this shot I didn't know how it would turn out. My ISO was CRANKED.

    She looks a bit taken by Michael

    Hipsters like racing too, or just tweet, “I'm at the Rolex 24!”

    “Lover's in the Night #2” #1 can be seen in my Miami street photography…

    It actually only takes 2 guys to fill up. One to hold the fire extinguisher the other to fill. The other crew member is holding the pit stop sign.

    To my disappointment those were not Leica Binoculars.

    Guitar player in the middle of a sweet guitar solo.

    It's not just about the ladies, its about the composition of the ladies.

    My new quote; “In a Sea of Nikon and Canon chimps, the Leica Photographer stands alone.”

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