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    Sunset Island Productions llc

    Many of our videos are taken on bright sandy beaches or sidewalks. To produce vivid colors and a good depth of field we use neutral density filters to open up the iris on our video cameras. I bought a K&F Concept adjustable Neutral Density Filter to see how it compare to individual ND2, ND4 and ND8 filters used singular and in sets.

    We also use a circular polarizing filter in front of the ND filters to remove unwanted reflections. The adjustable ND filter saved us lots of time adding and removing ND filters to cameras.

    Since the adjustable ND filter is really two polarizing filters on top of each other, there is no way to set the direction of the fixed polarizer. My CPF has a dot on it so I can point it at the sun and adjust it from there, to get what I want.

    What might have caused the top right corner of the beach shot to be darker than the rest of the beach shots? Could it be the fixed polarizer is aligned wrong?

    Beach Video

    It's not the normal dark cross pattern across the FOV that appears during high ND settings. Just the top right corner.

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