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    Jack MacD

    With all the discussion of iPhones as a decent “have it with you everywhere” camera, I decided to test how good/bad the iPhone is versus an M9 This was an iPhone4 not the newer 4s which I have seen is slightly better. I decided to shoot indoors as a tougher test for noise . The iPhone image has reduced noise via LR3.

    The first photo is with the Leica.

    For non moving subjects the iPhone allows for HDR and it does improve the image. For this test I used Pro HDR rather than the Apple iPhone HDR. For a portrait you would not use either. Both cameras were set on a table for stability. The Leica lens is a 28mm 2.8 which is pretty much what the iPhone 4 has for speed and POV. The iPhone 4s is the POV of a 35mm. Of course, changing lenses on the iPhone is not an option, but add on lenses exist.

    For web work the iPhone is very good, and it is nice to have many hundreds of iPhone applications, but interestingly, the cost of the iPhone can approach the Leica over 4 years if you have a data plan. Imagine if you bought your M for $200 but had to pay up to $150 to use it over the life of the product, with a minimum of 4 years? Better off buying the M9 or the iPod touch that doesn’t cost you a monthly surcharge.

    more testing can be seen here:


    I should add that I do use the M9 my “have it with me everywhere” camera. I use the iPhone for email, phone calls, texting, and keeping up on the RedDot.


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    :DCheck this out…


    Schneider lenses for the iphone.

    Perhaps the elfs in Wetzlar will fight back by adding a phone to the next M camera.

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